Allison Mathews

Visual Design Brand Identity UX + UI Illustration

Allison is a Portland native whose prior studies of fine art and literature helped place narrative and experience at the center of her design work. In her digital illustration, UX + UI, and brand identity work, she explores the relationship between empathetic design and new technology. The same love for complexity that leads her to certification in German language fluency is expressed in her interest for coding and web design. After Fresh, Allison is looking to continue growing her knowledge of design and strategic problem solving as part of a team here in Portland.

  • Cognitive Distortions
    This series of cards is made to illustrate and describe cognitive distortions and their effect on mental health.

  • Pied Cow Coffeehouse
    A brand identity created for a spooky Portland landmark in effort to reflect the lore around the location.

  • Commonwealth Creative Conference
    Illustrative identity work made for a Design Week Portland event that brings designers and non-profits together.

  • Barcode Dating Safety Function
    A function baked into a dating app that allows individuals a quick and stealthy means of exiting an unsafe situation.

  • Fast Fashion Zine
    This infographic incorporates photographed, hand-made textiles presenting statistics and research about the fast fashion industry in the form of an editorial-style zine.