Riley Hoke

Branding Type Design Motion Graphics Layout Design

Riley is a designer interested in one-offs, quick succession, and proliferation. He’s been focusing on type design and the relationship between image and language as well as form and function. He is hoping to create lasting work for temporary instances.

  • Homer: A Typeface
    A typeface named after the great Greek writer: Homer. Paying tribute to communication and lineage. Designed in the last weeks of 2017. Available for free download here.

  • Near.Studio Playlist Cover
    Cover design for Near.Studio's first monthly playlist.

  • Olderbrother Summer Camp Patches
    Patches designed for Olderbrother's Spring Summer 2017 line. Playing off the themes of summer camp and Olderbrother's fabrication process. Inspired by minimalism and Art Deco forms.

  • Rewind
    Rewind is a fictitious large scale physical music swap. A focus on washed up acts, dead format media, and bootleg recording. Designed to appeal to both old and young audiophiles.