Gabriel Contreras

Brand Identity Editorial Design Typography

Star Sign: Aries

Favorite Color: International Klein Blue

Gabriel Contreras is his name, but also known as GUP in the streets. Don’t get it twisted with “cup” because he drinks tea with his pinky up. When he isn't drinking tea or designing he is either painting, breaking or taking pictures. Interested in working with people doing inspiring work and not scared to get their hands dirty. When he grows up, he wants to be a student.

  • Buy
    Communication campaign that explores how words react to the brain. Being the same sound yet be visually different.

  • Luncha Libre
    A gif made for a lucha libre zine dedicated to 1960 Mexican wrestlers.

  • Bread & Butter
    Bread and Butter is a brand that provides a creative setting and passion for who enjoys vinyl toys.

  • NW Daggers
    A graphic made into patches for a fixed gear bicycle club.