Cameron Olszewski

Branding Typography Narrative Design Illustration Web Design

Star Sign: Libra

Favorite Color: Green

Cameron is looking for a design job that prides on visual identity and seeing things from a different perspective. As a multi-tasker he enjoys working on many projects at once, so don’t expect him to get tied down on one at a time. His guilty pleasures are cheesy puns and funyuns. When he grows up, he wants to be a standup comedian.

  • Congi
    Cogni is about understanding the terpenes that are being used in each strain. Showing each strain its benefits from what terpenes are being used gives the customer a better understanding on what they want in their bodies.

  • Sell or be sold
    A zine that focuses on how hardcore punk from certain music scenes has contributed to social change.

  • Richmond Ready
    Richmond Ready is an organization that promotes emergency prepardness in the Richmond neighborhood in SE Portland. The goal for this brand was to promote a strong community in the neighborhood.

  • World Naked Bike Ride
    This cover showcases how the World Naked Bike Ride has become an important part of Portland’s culture. This importance is highlighted through the cover’s use of large geometric shapes and vivid colors.