Tinta Lio

Branding Handlettering & Illustration Editorial Design

Tinta is a Portland resident who loves clean and thoughtful design. She believes that design should be meaningful and easily digestible. Her skills are illustration, page layout, print and branding. The majority of her work reflects on her interests, such as her adored Scottish Terrier Kodi, aquatic life, food and sociology/psychology.

  • Fear of Failure
    Who hasn’t feared failure at least once? According to my research; 99% of 100 participants. For my thesis project, I examined my own fear of failure and ways I could combat it. The final product is a personal guide book with reminder quotes, research and prompts. Comes with a separate sketchbook for sketching.

  • HARD Publication
    HARD is a publication for candy and sweet enthusiasts. This includes reviews, poetry and sweet photography.

  • Guide to Dim Sum
    A poster and recipe card set guiding people through common Dim Sum dishes in America. The set includes Chinese to English pronunciations of buns, dumplings, sweets and more.

  • Goldfish Calendar
    A watercolor calendar for goldfish and aquatic life hobbyists. Each hand-painted page features a snapshot of a different goldfish breed.