Stephanie Gao

Experimental Type Vector Illustration Color Exploration Layout

Stephanie Gao is highly influenced by the worlds of fashion and design. Her work is driven by curiosity and her interest in pop culture. She has a particular passion for the modern and contemporary.

  • AD Poster
    Inspired by 80s pop culture, and I designed a big chunky letters with glow and soft colors.

  • Italian Soda packaging design
    Italian soda has always been one of the most favorable drinks to beat thirst in the summer heat. It delivers a moment of relief, and its flavor kicks in energy to help you keep going. To me, having a bottle of Italian soda inspires me and powers me up. It’s like seeing sun rise, a moment that you’re expecting great things to happen next. So it’s intuitive to apply the design with an uptempo color selection. Then come the idea of Hello. The word “hello” goes beyond just a greeting. It’s the beginning of an exciting new relationship. It embraces that moment of truth when we share happiness in our life. The two straws replacing letter “L”, and now it’s time for you to share.

  • Stickersheet