Skylar Nguyen

Branding Art direction Motion Graphics Animation Digital Design

Skylar strives to create fun, bold, and unique experiences through design and collaboration. She's always ready to dive into any challenge that comes her way. When she's not designing, she likes to spend time petting dogs, road tripping, talking with GIFs, and trying not to burn her kitchen down.

  • Nomad Fest
    Nomad Fest is a 3 day expo to help working adults to live the life they want and explore what it has to offer.

  • Follow Me
    Follow Me explores the genre of experimental/avant garde film with the idea of social media being used as a sign of economic and social status up to the point where our lives our dependent on it.

  • Killer Nails
    Killer Nails" is a series of photo illustrations about violence against women.

  • Creavate
    Creavate answers the dreaded everyday question: "What do you feel like eating?"

    Creavate is an app that helps find food around you based on your mood from mood boosters to rainy day comfort food.