Nicole Chiang

Page Design Typography Research Branding

Nicole is an independent individual whose work is heavily inspired by her connections with people and traveling. She loves clean and elegant designs, but also likes to incorporate colorful palettes. She loves branding, packaging and layout design. Her philosophy is to tackle every challenge in life with accountability and optimism.

  • Kith & Kin
    Family is an important aspect of every human’s life. It’s perceived value and meaning varies from person to person. As an diverse cultural student, who has been studying abroad for years. Because of the unique experience, I have started thinking about what does family mean to me. More specifically, how does the age affect relationship with family as we age? In this book, we will be able to gain an insight of other's view on family.

  • Milk'em
    Milk'em was inspired from my childhood memory. My mother started to make her own recipe by mixing with fruits and vegetables with milk in order to make the milk tastier for me. Milk'em's packaging emphasizes a healthy lifestyle by including a nutritious yet satisfying beverage in one's diet.

  • Sellwood Soap Co
    SELLWOOD SOAP CO is an artisan skin care company dedicated to creating soothing products from healing botanical oils. In this branding, we will develop a recognizable visual identity through branding and marketing that effectively communicates the most important attributes of the business, which are quality, fresh ingredient, plants, and handmade.

  • Chao Co
    These sets of packages include three chocolate bars, coco powder bottle, and a cupcake box. The concept of the logo was inspired from the shape of the world. I decided to use half of a globe to create an abstract shape. Also the name of Chao Co was directly translated from Chinese. By combining these two concepts, I am able to show how the branding story connects with the logo.