Michelle Parent

Illustration Motion Layout

Michelle Parent is a graphic designer and illustrator living it up in Portland OR. In her free time you can catch her re-watching Game of Thrones with her munchkin cat, or drawing trees in Washington Park. One of her greatest accomplishments was being born on Beyonce’s birthday which ultimately informs her fun and fresh approach to art and design.

  • Strong Girl
    Strong Girl is a personal illustrated poem that delves into my own journey of growing up and being happy. It is hand illustrated, and explores my teenage depression and touches on some lighter things that bring me joy and out of my bogged-down state.

  • Party Pad
    Party Pad was created to ensure that you could always jam with your friends in any situation. Party Pad is a beat pad that allows you to select your instrument, loop beats, playback pre-recorded songs, and share sounds with friends by swiping left or right. Whether at a party or out at the park with your pals or by yourself, you are fully equipped with a whole band of instruments for whenever you're feeling inspired.

  • IV XX Pharmacy Brand
    IV XX Pharamacy was created to reform the traditional dispensary experience and is inspired directly by the pro-active measures taken to legalize cannabis within the NW. This Brand combines luxury, science, and a psychedelic duo-tone in order to create a whole new experience for the consumer when it comes to buying cannabis products. The trusting pharmaceutical vibe ensures the consumer that they are getting the purest cannabis products straight from our beloved Pacific northwest.

  • Jewel Tonez Vol I
    Jewel Tonez combines music and color all through the perspective of independent female artists. The heart-shaped vinyl sleeve opens up to reveal the 7inch blue vinyl and a lyric book that fits perfectly into the packaging and allows for a perfect sing-along slumber party for you and your girlfriends.