Luke Acevedo

Brand & Identity Illustration Storytelling Campaign branding Art Direction

Luke is driven to create bold and memorable brand experiences, leave a great story, keep it fun, and really just make some cool work with cool people. Luke enjoys good food, dusty vintage stores, and getting outside to run on trails. As a recovering ultramarathoner, he brings this discipline, hard work, and enthusiasm into creative projects.

  • Liars & Heroes
    Bandana series created to celebrate Oregon folk heroes and storytelling history. Lairs & heroes brings these tales to a new audience, and are carried as we carry our history and culture.

  • OBJ Pins
    Pin designs and concepts created for a special release of the Odell Beckham Jr. Nike AF-1. The shoe and series were inspired by the New York Taxi Cab, and represent the city’s unique culture and energy.

  • Rose City Rogues
    I loved Beavers baseball games while growing up, and decided to reimagine a new team for Portland. This branding is inspired by history, but also geared towards meeting future challenges with a determined, underdog mentality.

  • Whole Nine Yards
    Give it all you got. Take it as far as you can. And boom goes the dynamite.