Laken Wright

Motion Graphics Branding Package Design UX

Laken creates digital and print experiences that promote experimentation and playfulness. She filters illustrative and tactile art through a designer's lens to create meaningful solutions for an increasingly online world. She is excited to make collaborative work with good people who have new podcast recommendations and can appreciate her cherished rock collection.

  • Bad Dog
    Treats for the dogs we love that aren't named "Princess" or "Chestnut".

  • Run a Show
    An informational riso print showing new sound engineers the ins-and-outs of running a show at this local punk venue.

  • Skinlab
    Skinlab is a skincare line that let's users customize a product based on 3 key elements: skin type, usage, and fragrance. The three elements are represented by shape, line, and color; so when overlaid together, create a pattern on the backs of each label unique to the user.

  • Not For Reading
    An experimental animation visually narrating the journey of a shape.

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