Kyle Charlson

Page layout UI/UX design HTML/CSS/jQuery/pHp Motion Design Typography

Born and raised in the Portland area, Kyle has a passion for UX and interactive design. He believes in design function beyond aesthetics. These days if you don't catch him at his computer, Kyle is either going to concerts or exploring the city on a sunny day.

  • To The Point
    Cut the B.S. And figure out where you’re going, and how you’re going to get there fast.

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  • Well
    Well is a home bartending experience which helps educate novice drinkers and home bartenders how to make their favorite drinks on their own. The experience combines a modern smart shaker with an app interface to help guide users through the process of making their favorite drinks and discovering new ones based on the ingredients and spirits that they have available.

  • Be Honest Website
    Every year the Be Honest website is re-designed, and relaunch to help promote the yearly event. For this year’s website, we re-imagined how we could input all 128 participates information onto the website in an efficient matter by using JavaScript and a CSV file to auto-populate each entry. This saved us hours of manual coding and helped establish a reliable system for future edits.

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  • Nike Vapor One Football
    The Vapor One, Nike’s top-tier and premium football, used in NCAA division one football games, demands premium quality. This was a professional freelance project, in which Nike requested a refreshed design to their Vapor Football series’s packaging. The goal was to develop graphics which were appropriate for the Nike Football category while establishing a premium look and feel. The Vapor One’s packaging also informed the look of the other three football’s (the Vapor 24/7, Vapor 48, and Nike Spin) in the series.