Joel Ruffier

Print and Layout Design Typography Editorial Experience Design Packaging

Joel is interested in utilizing design as a vehicle for storytelling and relaying ideas through both content and craft. He's interested in a designer’s capability to manipulate the relationship between viewer and design. His inspiration comes from experimental page layout, photo archives, and a nice sexy typeface.

  • The Intersection Between Cowboys and Homosexuality
    The Intersection Between Cowboys and Homosexuality is a look into the intersecting topics of cowboys and homosexuality. I wanted to explore the idea of “homos on the range” through re-examining history of the early Western Civilization through a queer perspective.

  • A Season in Hell Reissue
    This project stemmed from the idea of wanting to alter the viewer’s perception and prior knowledge on what a book is. This required me to think about the opposition in bookmaking—thinking about the deconstruction of a book or rather components of a book that can exist outside of normal book conventions.

  • Risograph Print
    One-off print exploring page layout, typography, and print methods.

  • A_Spec
    An idea for a digital publication series revolving around the idea of colors. Each issue thus represents a speculation into each color. Each issue would cover the appeal behind the pigment through speculating a variety of artistic mediums. The idea formed from the eclectic song titles from The Cocteau Twins.