Heidi St Clair

Branding Web Design Handlettering & Illustration Editorial Design Art Direction

Heidi is a multi-faceted problem solver who thinks in terms of the big picture. An illustrator, nonconformist, and a maker of questionable decisions, you can find Heidi in 1 of 3 places: biking around Portland, endlessly working on her Toyota Van, or planning her next solo adventure.

  • NOVO
    A personal development app that tracks your progress and gives you suggestions based on your interests, the weather, and your location; NOVO is a life coach—in your pocket.

    SNATCH is a Princess' Guide to Portland. Inside you'll find the latest makeup trends, perfect hangout spots, and delicious food to give you a princess glow, all designed in a contemporary layout with some hot, HOT type.

  • Vida Design Website
    Vida Design, a local interior design firm, needed a new website. Using a Squarespace template and custom code, I created a beautiful landing page, featuring full-bleed images, elegant type, and an intuitive flow—giving Vida's clients a much more accurate representation of their services.

  • PAX
    PAX is a quarterly lifestyle publication, aimed at personal development and mental health for the millennial generation, and the modern young adult. It covers topics such as—minimalism, meditating, wellness, and non-consumerism. It features interviews, how-to articles, book reviews, and wellness exposés. It has a modern aesthetic, with a classical minimalist design.