Eileen Ewing

Print and Layout Design Branding Research and Connecting

Eileen grew up between Seattle, Germany, and Italy, but now resides in Portland, Oregon. Her strength in story telling is informed by her nomadic upbringing. Pointed research and attention to small details compose her work. Her designs are rooted in strong concepts to create compelling user experiences.

  • Be Honest 2018
    Be Honest is the annual PSUGD student showcase held at Wieden + Kennedy where students display their work and have an opportuinty to talk about and get feedback from design professionals. With a team of other PSU students I worked on creating a campaign around the theme of 'Falling into Place'. Playing off the idea of Rube Goldburg machines where there is a serise of small chain reactions that achieve an ultimate goal, we related this to the student experience of finding place in the design world.

  • Ewing Speed Systems Branding
    Rick Ewing has a mind at work, when he retires his dream is to open a workshop where he makes custom skateboards, bikes, scooters, model airplanes and really anything that moves. Together we developed Ewing Speed Systems, his workshop brand that embodies the engineering process behind each project and the thrill of riding on one of his designs.

  • Torch
    Torch is a newspaper that focuses on female ceramicists, highlighting the rad women working in this art from. One of the goals for this project was to step outside of my comfort zone and work with more modern type. Throughout the publication I used type and image treatment to mimic the smooth, hand formed nature of ceramics. I also referenced the process of glazing by using overlays and layers.

  • Joan Crawford
    Joan Crawford was on of the most iconic female stars of the 20th century, her career spanned the entirety of the Hollywood classical era and her success was completely tied to the ups and downs of the studio system. This infographic looks at her career as an actress breaking it down financially year by year and film by film.