Claire Trang

Clairette Trang is a designer located in Portland, OR. She has worked on projects for Off the Griddle, Sabin CDC, and Marylhurst University. She loves crafting and having fun executing graphic design projects in different mediums. She focuses on making people smile through her works and teaching kids how to recycle materials into art.

  • Seed Packaging
    These care instructions are for these types of flowers. The iris, tulip, and daffodil are all drawn in colored pencils by me. The front shows the name of the plant and the black shows its scientific name along with the care instructions.

  • Marion Dean Ross Exhibit
    This project is to bring out the mood and feelings that Marion Dean Ross had put into during his photography throughout his career.

  • Sewing Techniques
    This is a book about simple sewing techniques and shows miniature patterns.

  • Sproutlings
    Sproutlings is the brand for my chocolate bars. The target audience for this brand would be children. There is a little poem on the back to teach them more about the importance of how the food they eat may affect their growth. Ingredients for this brand of chocolate are all organic and are gained through fair trade.