Anya Gearhart

Branding Packaging Art Direction Animation Equity in Design

Anya is a synthetic extrovert who wears black and thinks in sparkles. She loves working with good people on blue sky ideas with a particular focus on brand, product, and experiential design. When not pushing pixels and slinging stickers, she’s working a side hustle as an audio engineer, mixing bands at festivals and pushing the bass fader until booties shake.

  • ROMP
    Condoms aren’t just for contraception. They are also for reducing mess, reducing stress, and keeping you healthy. Romp is about feeling good about the products you put in your body. Romp is made for you, for whatever you have in mind. So hop to it, chase some tail.

  • Snarl
    The goal was to design the branding and packaging for a high-end chocolate bar. SNARL Chocolates tempts your sweet tooth with dark, exciting flavors that will raise the hairs on your neck.

  • Oregon Venture Fund
    I entered and won a design competition pitching a brand identity for the Oregon Venture Fund. My partner Lauren and I designed a logo that represents the two largest rivers in Oregon, the Willamette and the Columbia, joining forces at the center of Oregon commerce to flow out to the Pacific Ocean. Together, we created an identity that positioned OVF as ambitious and established, yet community-oriented and approachable.

  • The wildly popular Cat Butt sticker pack has evolved over the years to include a diverse lineup of feline rears. Made with durable vinyl, they make excellent bicycle-bumper stickers, standing up to rain and mud and scratches.