Michael Korentsides

Illustration Branding / Identity Concept Art

Graphic Designer by day, ramen fiend by night.

With roots inspired heavily by animation and music, Michael is most intrigued in design as an immersive experience that can connect to multiple senses. Michael is passionate about bringing brands and concepts to life, and hopes to be a part of a multidisciplinary studio that can reach a wide range of industries.

  • Current and Vessel
    As a dream project and looking forward towards goals in the future, my thesis revolved around character design and creating a visually intriguing world designed around these characters. The project focused heavily on applying my graphics to fashion design and narratives.

  • Camp Rahh
    Camp Rahh is a summer camp for adults that emphasizes a spritual and mental escape from the daily grind and technology. That being the case, the design needed to maintain the brand’s humanistic intentions while having clear communication.

  • Iron & Thistle
    This project emphasizes systematic thinking for a brand identity by creating two labels that can both live cohesively together or individually, and still get the brand’s consistent voice across.