Maryana Kuznetsova

Digital Experience Design UX / UI Design Art Direction Environmental Design Project Management

Big picture by day, fine detail by night.

A creative problem solver driven by curiosity. She loves working on teams where individuals challenge one another using each other's strengths to come up with something no one would be able to achieve on their own. Maryana's work is centered around experiences, with a focus on vibrant colors and thoughtful design.

  • Spikes
    A thesis project that explores the role of fans and fan clubs in different sports and connects it to the volleyball culture in the United States.

  • Admix
    An event campaign concept for a conference centered around Artificial Intelligence and what role it can have for creatives in the advertising field.

  • Be Honest 2018
    Art direction and branding for the annual student showcase of the PSU Graphic Design program held at Wieden+Kennedy.