Sicily Scott

Creative Problem Solving Conceptualization Sneaker Design Color Design UX Design Trend-spotting with Social Media Pattern Making Acrylic Paint

Sicily is a designer who is constantly finding new obsessions and is currently infatuated with custom 90’s rally cars and anything made transparent. She loves to laugh and is inspired by clever humor and creative solutions. Sicily can’t live without science-fiction, hip-hop, Internet culture, or cuddly cats.

What is your favorite plant?
A lavender-colored tea rose.

  • Timeline: Messi
    This project was born from Sicily’s first introduction to soccer; 2016 bleach blonde Messi. The timeline illustrates Messi’s rise to fame and concurrently shows the evolution of his wild hair and net worth.

  • Colordip
    Colordip is a color exploration campaign based on the cliché that “designers only wear black.” The idea was to color a shoe that could be worn with an all-black outfit but express one’s inner artist with a bright color.

  • App Design: Forget-me-not
    Forget-me-not is my concept for an app that enables the user to pick out and customize a physical greeting card. This project focuses on user interface design and utilizes Apple Human Interface Guidelines.

  • Pattern Collection: Brave the Elements
    Brave the Elements is a brand-book created from original patterns developed for outerwear/windbreakers. Through experimentation and manipulation of paint and other real materials, came a series of photographic prints made for the outdoors.