Rawz Addison

Page Layout Editorial Design Packaging Various 2D and 3D Art Forms Baking Delicious Treats

Rawz strives for aesthetic beauty in all aspects of her life. Carrying with her a variety of cultural experiences and artistic exploration, she finds passion in joining both to facilitate the creation of elegance. Her current muse is the cross-section of this method and editorial design. In her free time she enjoys helping friends spiritually and materially invigorate their communities, leading to an overall more beautified society.

What music do you play to your plants?
Rawz’s succulents are currently jamming to a mix of Khalid and JBoog.

  • Chartreuse Magazine
    In Chartreuse Magazine I played with the idea that no one has a clear vision of what the color chartreuse is and that it has now become a spectrum. The challenge was to merge this spectrum with fashion and editorial design.

  • Majoon
    The product Majoon revolves around the concept of the Piroozmandi’s, a Persian family of pharmacists who immigrated to England in the 1800’s. The challenge was to create a product that hinted to these ancient Persian remedies.

  • Koko Samoa
    The goal of Koko Samoa was to introduce a well loved treat of the Samoan Islands to the world through chocolate. The challenge was to create an aesthetic that was true to Samoa and not an interpretation of island life.

  • Baking With Grum Grum
    In Baking with Grum Grum my goal was to create a family cook book combining aesthetics and recipes from five generations. The challenge faced with this book was to create something where form followed function.