Kiersta Sze

Interactive Design Branding Illustration Photography

Kiersta Sze is a visual communicator embracing art and design collaborations with like-minded creators. Her passion for color complements her critical thinking for effective design. With a background in photography, Kiersta is currently specializing in interactive design, branding, and illustration.

How many plants have died by your hand?
Too many to count. I've resorted to plastic Ikea plants.

  • West Side Collab
    This illustration was created for a creative space branding project. West Side Collab accommodates businesses and events and serves as an as-needed basis meeting space. It provides a creative atmosphere that encourages teamwork and diversity. With multiple spaces available, West Side Collab unites community within Portland. The brand’s illustration was inspired by the various types of businesses and events that utilize the creative space.

  • Music Rights Infographics
    These infographics were created while interning for Studio Neue of Brooklyn, NY. The client was a music coalition company and the infographics were part of a website redesign. The four illustrations represent the issues associated with music creators receiving fair pay for their work on all platforms wherever and however it is played.

  • Barter Coffee Collaboration
    This illustration was a collaboration with Barter Coffee Roasters of LA, Orange County, and Portland. The two pillars of Barter Coffee are people and community. This piece was created for their Local Artist Series and depicts what "community" means to me. 15% of every bag purchased goes directly to a charity of the artists choosing. This bag is benefiting Dreaming Zebra, which is a nonprofit organization that provides art supplies and workshops to underprivileged children.

  • Travel App
    Voyage is a strategic trip planning experience that eliminates hours of research and streamlines your trip planning process. Features such as price trends, hotel recommendations, fight options, and activity recommendations are tailored to each individual's profile, ensuring the most valuable trip for each user.