Ivy Zhu

Editorial Design Interaction Design Photography Pattern Design Flower Arrangement Gaming

Ivy is a graphic designer. She always gets inspirations from her life. She is interested in many different kinds of designs. She wishes to make more meaningful, more helpful, more useful, more interesting design for others and for herself.

What is your favorite plant?
Flowers: sweet pea, cosmos, iceland poppies, peonies and many other kinds.

  • Nude Newspaper
    Nude is a monthly newspaper publication for fashion and lifestyle. It has a bold and unique visual style. Create new and fresh perspective on modern life is always the purpose of the magazine.

  • Chinese Love Poetry
    Ten love poems are included this book. It is a book that expresses the emotions that pass through thousand years and it will continue impact on people who read it. Follow the lines, to the journey of the past.

  • Werewolf Board Game
    Werewolf is a board game that involved many people to sit around the table to play it. The infographic introduces the rules of this game and gives an example for people who never played it before.

  • YSL Try Out
    YSL try out is makeup interactive game. It includes all the colors of the Saint Laurent Glossy Stain. The user can click on the color of the Glossy Stain and see the color shows on the illustration face. It also includes the eyeshadow and eye lines.