Indira Estrada

Typeface Design Branding Editorial Design

Indira was born in Guatemala. She is inspired by the theory that design can change the way that ideas are perceived. When she’s not designing, she likes spending time running and exercising.

If you were a plant, what would you be?
As a plant Indira would be a four leaf clover because, let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to have a little more luck in their lives?

  • Philio Sans
    After spending long nights in an attempt to hand lettering a whole project, and thinking there has to be a better way to do this, Philio Sans was born. Philio’s quirky and fun adds warmth to your designs and works well with illustrations and body copy text.

  • The Wanderer
    The Wanderer was designed as a way to tame a deep desire to travel but not having the actual budget to leave the comforts of home. Combining clean crisp layout with simple typography in a partnership to bring the outdoors to anyone.

  • Monteco Packaging
    In a competitive nacho chip and tostadas market, the Monteco brand was looking for a fresh package that would allow them to stand out.Using the clear packaging as an element, a bright color palette, and fun patterns allowed for the package to work with the Brand’s new look.

  • First Date Form
    To calm the over-thinkers of the dating world, the first date form and help card were designed to get feedback on their date. The use of a limited but bright color palette and strong use of organization, helps both parties enjoy both the filling out and receiving process.