Erika Skille

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Erika is a suspiciously optimistic Portland native who likes clean, straightforward design. She believes design is an opportunity to visually express complex stories and emotions to the ever-expanding global community. Erika specializes in print media, branding and typography while aiming to create content reflective of her feminist beliefs.

What words do you whisper to your plants?
A shameful amount of encouragement for their adequate wellbeing. Read, they’re not dead yet.

  • Haunt Press
    Monthly newsprint exploring the contemporary world of architecture. Bringing together playful layouts and modern type as a means to offer readers a lighthearted approach to the clean aesthetic of modern design.

  • The Other 51%
    Beginning as a response to the 2016 election, The Other 51% compiles an extensive dive into modern feminism of the United States. Following the four waves of feminism, 51% covers tricky definitions, ideologies, essays and biographies of all aspects that have formed today's status of feminism.

  • Pop In Convenience Store
    Pop In is a branding package inspired by a recent study abroad experience in Japan. Using the country's mini-mart culture as a starting point, Pop In offers a modern environment for the urban dweller. Contemporary interior design and an illustrative logo work to reiterate the brand's design-conscious and welcoming narrative. Pop In storefronts can be found in Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima and Kyoto.

  • Solo Magazine
    A periodical created by and for solo female travelers with the intention to provide content reflective of the strength, originality and diversity of today's independent travelers. Producing articles that discuss underrepresented topic such as mental health and racial discrimination while traveling, Solo aims to be more than the average travel guide.