Bailey Collins

Illustration Motion Graphics Publication Design

Bailey loves to build stories through her design and illustration work, particularly in service of queer communities. She's a big fan of wordplay and reading all kinds of books... and she's secretly an expert chef who can serve up some mind-blowing vegan food. (Just don't make a big deal out of it, okay?)

What is your favorite plant?
The iconic piranha plants from any Mario game.

  • Flipbook Magazine
    Flipbook is a monthly publication that spotlights up-and-coming animators and seasoned pros alike. New technologies and techniques are investigated, as well as exciting new projects to keep your eye on.

  • Queer Resource Center Posters
    The Queer Resource Center at Portland State University works to make students feel welcome and safe on campus every day. I had the honor of designing some posters for the QRC to establish a positive, inclusive voice for their announcements.

  • Passing
    Passing is an animated web series created to increase transgender representation and awareness in an accessible form. Rather than explaining what being trans means on a surface level, this show explores in depth how different aspects of a trans identity can influence day-to-day navigation.

  • Queer Poetry
    Queer Poetry is a crowdfunded annual publication designed to magnify creative LGBTQIA+ voices through the transformative power of poetry.