Fort Port! GO!

Posted on Jan 28th, 2010 by Command Save


Aaron Rayburn and Ben Vickery, two of our very own graphic design students, have embarked on a journey of content creation and creative curating.

This week saw the launch of FORTPORT, a design blog dedicated to showcasing the inspiring, the amazing, and the just plain good. Those are my words, but I know we will see some great things from Ben and Aaron.

Here's what they say about FORTPORT:

FORTPORT is Aaron Rayburn and Ben Vickery. We are designers roaming the
cold, wet streets of Portland, OR in search of what inspires us. We're
excited to show you what we've found.

Go check it out! They've employed a fashionable WordPress theme that gives the whole site that extra "Oomph!"

And amazing t-shirts. Can't forget those amazing t-shirts. (I think there's a "C" out there somewhere, pining to become the third brain behind FortPort.)

I'm going to try and convince these two to have a launch party.