FoGD Meeting!

Posted on Nov 21st, 2009 by Command Save


Just in case the headline didn't grab your attention.

I bet I have it now!

On Tuesday, November 24, at 1pm, we'll be having an FoGD meeting in the Annex! All are welcome!

It will take place directly after Ian Coyle hangs out with us IN PERSON as part of the Show & Tell lecture series.

We'll either stay in room 170 or move to 165 where we'll all fit.

Join us! We'll let you know what studio visits, tours and workshops we have planned for winter term, do a few giveaways, and talk about how we're doing as a group so far this year. We'll talk about a zine project we want to start with another student group in Arlington, Texas. We'll also talk about an opportunity we have to participate in a Crafty Wonderland event next month. We want to hear your ideas!