Posted on Feb 16th, 2015 by Kate Bingaman-Burt


Looking for some classes to take next term? Check out the following courses for some engaging experiences!

ART 299 Interaction Design MW 9-11:50
Do you like the internet? Or things that are fun and exciting? Then come learn how to make interesting, engaging interfaces. This studio course dives right into the nitty gritty of designing for interaction, UX and UI, without having to learn a lick of code. If you have any interest at all in making interactive work, take this class.

Open to Graphic Design students ​before and after​ they’ve passed the portfolio review.

Questions? Email Thom Hines

ART 367 Design Business Practices TTR 2-4:50
This class is about entrepreneurship!* Whether you want to run a design/art studio or design products this course provides an introductory overview of the concepts, survival skills, and techniques needed to create and manage a successful design/art based business.

This class is run like a workshop—we go on studio tours–meet local entrepreneurs, share resources and students work on individual project goals whether it’s learning how to promote their business or how to make money as a freelancer.

PS You don’t need to be a graphic designer to take this class!

Questions? Email Chris North

ART399 Communication Design Internship M 6-8:50
Would you like to experience how the ‘real world’ of graphic design works?
Explore where you might fit into the diverse field of GD? Learn practical skills that you’ll need out there?

Whether you are a senior graduating this year and want to maximize your next steps, or are earlier in the program and want to see where you’re going, if you are ready to experience the working world of graphic design, you should be in this class.

Questions? Email Susan Stutz

Art410 Expanded Curatorial Practice TR 10-12:50
This class will explore concepts and applications of expanded artistic curatorial practice, looking at past examples and producing projects that go beyond studio/gallery curation into social practice approaches. We will meet with curators from a wide variety of organizations, study an array of international curatorial works, and create a series of individual and collaborative projects that include print, performance, public participation, site-specificity, and online platforms. The class can be taken for both undergraduate and graduate credit and is open to non-art majors.

Questions? Email Harrell Fletcher:

And MANY MORE! Check out the PDX Class Schedule for all of the spring classes and/or talk with an advisor about your schedule. We want to help!