Faculty Profile: Jill Bliss

Posted on Jan 2nd, 2010 by Command Save


Let's welcome Jill Bliss to the Portland State Graphic Design Faculty! This past year she visited with the students several times about her work and we are thrilled that she is teaching 225 this quarter. Also, check out the great little interview we conducted with her a few months back for more info as well!

Please tell us a little about your education.

aas fashion design, wvc ca

bfa illustration, parsons school of design, ny ny

mfa design, cca[c], sf ca

Please tell us a little about your design work history.
i've been doing my own art, craft + design thing since i graduated from college 10 years ago. since then i've been a freelance illustrator and designer, with side jobs unrelated to design from time to time to help pay the bills and to save my creative energies for my own work.

besides making my own line of paper goods and fabric accessories, i have a continually expanding line of stationery goods with chronicle books, take on private art and design commissions, and sometimes have art gallery shows.


What is the focus of your creative research?
i'm interested in exploring the boundaries between separate bodies or ideas – the common ground where things intersect, cross-pollinate and co-habitate. my work is constantly evolving and mostly inspired by nature, although the bright colors of humanity seep throughout. oh yeah! and of course i'm all about local economies, fair practices, reusable or sustainable materials, and less consumption tied to ever-changing trends.

What is your teaching philosophy?
in the classroom i see myself more as a facilitator than a teacher, and try to gear the studies in response to the student's interests and abilities. that doesn't mean i'm all touchy-feely and you'll get an instant A, though. i have verrrry high expectations for myself and those around me. you've been warned!

What classes are you teaching this year?

225 so far!

Who/what inspires you?

everything i come across!

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