Workshop: Text Invader

August 20 2013
10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

AB 320 (click for map)
2000 SW 5th Avenue
Portland, OR

Text Invader is a system of typographic interventions that aims to bring about a typesetting environment that automates the aesthetic as well as contextual concerns previously manifested in the output of Deconstructivist typographers throughout the 20th century. FontLab is used to bring about a virus that substitutes vectors for semantic patterns found in bodies of text. After I devised this system it was tried-out during a two day-long workshop held at the graphic design department of Bilkent University in Ankara in April 2011. Ten participating students utilized Text Invader to create a series of typographic interventions on text harvested from various sources.

1. Sketchbook, pencils, and pens
2. Laptop with Adobe Illustrator
3. Fontlab software. Download the trial here.

Completion of ART 254 or working designers.






Instructor Onur Yaz?c?gil received his MFA in Visual Communications Design from Purdue University where he researched the evolution of humanist and grotesque Sanserif typefaces. He won the first prize in typography in 2007 from the Society of Typographic Arts in Chicago. He is currently a faculty member at Sabanc? University in the VCD department teaching various levels of typography courses. He has developed a multilingual typeface, Duru Sans, which is currently licensed by Sorkin Type Co. and is included in the Google Web Fonts directory. He is also co-creator of ISType as well as a board member at ATypI.