Winter Light Festival

February 7 2019 \000000\2\28\00\Saturday February 9th 2019
6:00 PM – 6:00 PM

PSU Urban Plaza (click for map)
506 SW Mill
Portland, OR

PSU GD has two projects in Portland’s Winter Light Festival this year happening this Thursday – Saturday nights.

WELCOME is an installation and participatory experience that will serve as a beacon to actively welcome the public to PSU’s campus during Portland’s 2019 Winter Light Festival. The glowing installation will respond to the activity of passers-by and amplify the actions of our WELCOME committee on the ground. Our group has reflected on what it means to feel welcome and you, our dear guests, are invited to participate in the collective power of light. Collaborators are PSU GD’s Friendtorship program, students from Centennial Park School and the artist Kelsey Snook and Eric Beug.

This collaborative piece was created by students in a creative coding class in the Graphic Design program at Portland State University. Students used Processing to code animations that were then stitched together and projection mapped onto the environment.

The work in this project was created by Abdirahman Aden, Kai Alegre, Noelle Alhemli, Angela Bellant, Andrew Click, Valicia Kutchinski, Dana Leung, Kelsey Mason, Joshua Patton, Tiana Rasmussen, and Stephen Lee.

Find all of these projects and more in the PSU Urban Plaza!