Show&Tell: Saint Friend

April 21 2022
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

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Saint Friend is a cheerful creative studio specializing in collaborative brand design. Started by Kate and Nick Carter, Saint Friend was started to “fill a little corner of the world with magic”.

“We get to radiate that magic ever outward through the work we do and the partnerships we build. Here, you’ll always find a constructive, “yes, and” spirit and the belief that there’s room for everyone on the same page. We give trust freely and try to look at the world in a way that finds opportunity in everything. When we love the process of creating things together, people will love the things we create.”

Check out Saint Friend’s work at or @saint_friend

Join us on April 21st at 12pm Pacific at At noon, that link will redirect you to our Zoom room. Stop on by!