Show & Tell: Margot Harringon

May 19 2016
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

PSU Art Building - Rm 320 (click for map)
2000 SW 5th AVE
Portland, OR

will be speaking with us about best practices for freelancers!

She has taught classes on contracts and kicking your career into gear and now she is going to talk with you all about setting up a freelance practice.

Margot is a graphic designer of publications, branding, packaging, textiles, and websites. Typical clients are cultural organizations, non-profits, academic and civic institutions, small businesses, various sub-contractors and colleagues. Her background and education are in art & design history, printmaking, painting, and writing. She works primarily from Chicago’s Humboldt Park neighborhood, in a home office/studio, but can often be found co-working in various spots, around the city and elsewhere.

Skillshare classes:

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