Show & Tell: Arzu Ozkal

May 28 2015
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

PSU Art Building - Rm 320 (click for map)
2000 SW 5th AVE
Portland, OR

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Arzu is visiting us from San Diego State. Come out and say hello for our LAST Show & Tell of the year!

Arzu Ozkal (M.F.A, SUNY Buffalo, 2005; B.A, Bilkent University, 1998) is interdisciplinary artist, designer and researcher whose work focus on design’s role in looking for forms of creative and critical outcomes through social participation. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Graphic Design at San Diego State University. Prior to joining San Diego State University in Fall 2011, she spent three years on the faculty of the Art Department at Oberlin College teaching new media practices. Since 2011, Ozkal has been working together with women from Turkey, Europe and USA to design platforms of social exchange. Ozkal co-edited with Dr. Claudia Pederson, Gün: Women’s Networks a DIY book project investigating informal networks and their extension into digital media with the aim of gaining understanding of the sociocultural conditions impacting women’s participation in contemporary culture (2013).

Her lecture will present three iterations of the project “Gün”, which she has been facilitating for the past three years. She will talk about the first gathering that took place in Istanbul, Turkey during ISEA 2011, a second one in Athens, Greece, which was part of the Home/s Exhibition at Benaki Museum in 2013, and the final one at a Design Inquiry residency in Vinalhaven, Maine in 2014.

“Gün(s)” are informal hubs of social networks where women exchange recipes and skills; share opinions and remedies, and discuss issues and concerns about their local communities. “Gün” draws from the Turkish tradition of women’s social gatherings and it literally means day; sun; sunlight, sunshine; daytime; today, present; time; age, period; good times; date; at-home day.