Show & Tell: Ali Aas!

October 28 2021
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

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For our third Show & Tell of Fall term, we welcome Ali Aas! Join us!

Ali is a Designer at Upstatement, where she leads, builds and direct projects for all types of clients. Some of her work at Upstatement includes striking a balance between off-beat & journalistic for Grist’s new brand & website (2021), bringing the serene experience of visiting the Arnold Arboretum to the web (2020), introducing investors and the public to Commonwealth Fusion Systems — the energy company that will finally make fusion a reality (2019), making venture capital friendly again with Emergence Capital (2018), and turning manufacturing on its head with Steelcase (2018). Before Upstatement, she worked as a Product Designer and as a consultant helping primarily startups build web and mobile apps.



Show and Tell is PSU Graphic Design’s weekly lunchtime lecture series where working design professionals stop by to blow our minds with wisdom! Our lectures happen (nearly) every Thursday during the school year at noon Pacific here on! The public is welcome and the lectures are free at noon Pacific at!

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