Fresh: Senior Portfolio Show

June 10 2015
5:00 PM – 8:30 PM

Revolution Hall (click for map)
1300 SE Stark
Portland, OR

Interested in working with our newest grads? contact for an invite to the Spring 2015 FRESH portfolio show!


This scrappy state school is going fancy as we invade the newly renovated Revolution Hall (which used to be Washington High School) to showcase our graduating work. Come out and see 37 seniors share what they have been up to over the last few years. Also, come a take a peek at the incredible Revolution Hall. WOW!

Formal invite language below. This is how Ivy League schools do it, right?

“On June the Tenth, in the year of our Lord Two-Thousand and Fifteen, the elite of Portland’s Graphic Design community will gather to impart their knowledge on the young minds graduating from Portland State University. The Wardens of the Graphic Design programme request your presence at the proceedings, in order to help guide and foster their burgeoning talents. Come rub elbows with America’s future. Pinkies up, ladies and gentlemen.”

Pinkies up, INDEED. Hope to see you on the 10th!

Again, this is an invite only event. If you are interested in working with one of our grads, please contact for registration information. 

Spring 2015 Graduating Seniors!
Alex Despain
Andrea Kerr
Angela Saylors
Bryan Zentz
Benjamin Woodcock
Bianca Hansrote
Briana Romancier
Bryony Redhead
Chaylee Brown
Corey Bade
Daniel Cole
Deborah Lee
Donna Truong
Elizabeth Jackson
Eric Howe
Erik Berglund
Gregor Holtz
Holly Stout
Jesse Weeg
Jessica Lyons
Jessie Hewett
Jordan Hoagbin
Kadie Kobielusz
Kyle Vsetecka
Kyle Zadina
Kylie Freeman 
Lanakila MacNaughton
Megan Odell
Reid Stubblefield
Rico Macias-Zepeda
Romeo Salazar
Sarah Cadwell
Seth Gale
Shaun Doniger
Thomas Moore
Vanessa Despain
Zack Franceschi