Discovered Virtues: The Secret Beauty of Common Weeds

Discovered Virtues: The Secret Beauty of Common Weeds

November 3 2011
6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Reading Frenzy (click for map)
921 SW Oak
Portland, Oregon

Join Reading Frenzy for their 1st Thursday art opening with Briar Levit! The work in this show explores the unwanted flora of the Portland backyard and their unique beauty and resilience. Taken out of context, away from their more popular and classically beautiful relatives in the garden, we get a chance to appreciate their form and heartiness. Perhaps the next time we see one sprouting up through a crack or hiding under the cover of an intentionally planted and tended bush, maybe we’ll rethink our impression and relationship with these common weeds.

Briar Levit teaches graphic design at Portland State University, she also works for herself, primarily designing books and their covers and sometimes making her own books.


This event is free. Exhibit will run through November.