Be(en) Honest: Convos With People Who Made Be Honest Happen, 2010–2020

May 15 2020
12:30 PM – 6:00 PM

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Be Honest is PSUGD’s biggest event every year, but how did it get to where is is now? As we venture into the digital space, we want to catch up with some of the people who helped shape it over the past decade and change!


Nicole Lavelle, Bingbing Zhang, Zack Franceschi, Angela Saylors, Heather Noddings, Sarah Baugh, Deb Lee, Lovejoy Pegatron, Tina Snow Le, Ben Vickery


Seth Gale, Julie Lesseg, Corbin Lamont, Maxwell Miller, Leah Maldonado, Catie Cooper, Sloane Ackerman


Lea Loo, Allison Berg, Jodie Beechem, Tricia Leach, Gabi Mckenzie, Nagini Reddy, Chris Lopez


Martie Flores, Kyle Charlson, Maryana Kuznetsova, Hallie Walker, Eileen Ewing