Be Honest

February 26 2021
12:00 AM – 11:59 PM

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Be Honest is happening in WINTER for 2021!

We would like to announce the 12th annual PSUGD Be Honest student portfolio showcase organized by Portland State Graphic Design and A+D Projects! It’s our first ever WINTER TERM Be Honest! We’ll be curling up with good work, good friends, and a whole lot of exciting events.

What is Be Honest? Be Honest is the Portland State University Graphic Design annual student portfolio showcase. It’s not just for graduating seniors, but for ALL levels of graphic design students that want to participate and share their work. It’s part portfolio show, part party, part online open house, part alumni reunion, part TV show, and ALL FUN. And we want you to join in with us! Mark your calendars now for February 26th.

Sounds like something you want to join, right? GOOD NEWS! Sign ups are now open for students to participate! We’re also looking to fill out our roster with a cavalcade of exciting events—if you’ve got an event idea, send it our way!

Interested in being a reviewer and meeting with students? We’re looking for design professionals and alumni to do just that! Send an email to and let us know!