Events! We have GOT THEM! This week in PSUGD…

Posted on Nov 3rd, 2010 by Command Save


So many things happening this week! Let's mark them in our calendars…shall we?

FIRST: Today you are all invited to paint a mural with our visiting designer WILL BRYANT!


above: Will and PSU Alumni and Belin Liu painting a mural at Ace Palm Springs earlier this year. 

More details over on the FOGD blog, but painting starts at ONE today! (today is Wednesday, by the way).

SECOND: Will is going to be our Show and Tell Guest this week! Come and listen to him talk about his work this Thursday at noon in room 160 in the annex. A little bit about WILL! (look at his website!)

Will Will Bryant makes stuff as a freelance creative at Public School, an Austin based collective comprised of designers, illustrators, and photographers. He completed undergrad at Mississippi State University in December 2008, married his childhood sweetheart in January 2009, and then settled in central Austin. He enjoys drawing, screen printing, blogging, vinyl, painting, sewing, cycling, dancing and 1990s basketball players (just ask about his infatuation with Michael Jordan). Mr. "Fancy Pants" Bryant has recently had the honor to work with Gowalla, Nike, Chronicle Books, K2, and would likely collaborate with you.

THIRD: PROCESS?product opens THURSDAY NIGHT. The reception is 4 to 6 in the AB Lobby Gallery. Hope to see you all there!


FOURTH: Will has a solo show at LAND Gallery on Friday night! Go and see his work in PERSON. 

So many things to do and all are fun. PROMISE. Hope to see you there!