Erik Blad // Wieden + Kennedy, Designer

Posted on Sep 28th, 2008 by Command Save

Examples of Erik Blad's work. Full sized images below!
Erik did not complete the PSU-GD program and previously worked as a designer for Willamette Weekly.

What is your position/title, group and place of work? How long have you been working there?
Freelance studio artist during the day. Curmudgeonly graphic maker and screenprinter by night.

How did you find your current design position?
A very lucky series of referrals, interviews and chances.

What projects are you working on currently?
Just finished production on a nationwide billboard campaign for Electronic Arts new game Spore.

What do you like best about your position or projects?
w+k puts a lot of people with very diverse skill sets under one roof. I enjoy seeing the variety of thought and processes, learning from them and relating them to my own.

In what ways (faculty, program, projects, classes, etc) was PSU-GD successful in preparing you for being a professional designer?
Classmate and professor critiques at PSU taught me the value of being articulate as a designer. Since a GD's goal is communication learning to be fluent and concise makes for better work, and makes you able to defend it when called upon.

What suggestions to have for PSU-GD to improve upon or information/content that you should have had in school but did not get?
Computer skills are important but more focus on the graphic language of conceptulatizing and context would be nice.

What recommendations do you have for any current students and/or students graduating?
You hear this a lot but it's true