Design Week Portland Open House! PSUGD!

Posted on Apr 1st, 2019 by Kate Bingaman-Burt

Above: Let’s show off our program during Design Week!

Save the date! April 9th we will be opening our doors to the Portland Design Community for our Design Week Portland Open House! We will be sharing work, demos, releasing the newest Annex Zine and having the grand opening of our new student lounge Creative Suite (AB 290).

Above: introducing Creative Suite!

Over spring break, a team of students and I have been putting together a really exciting project: a new A+D community hub and makerspace in room 290 of the Art Building. Think of it as a newer, bigger, less green version of the old Green Room, with just about everything students might need to get their work looking great for both their classes and their portfolios.

What’s in it? Quite a lot!

Thanks go out to the space’s design team (part of A+D Projects), who not only figured out what they as students needed from a place like this over the past few months, but have spent their time off this break cleaning, painting, and carrying very awkward, heavy furniture up the stairs: Sloane Ackerman, Catie Cooper, Lisa Kohn, and Amy Puckett. A huge thanks, too, to faculty Sean Schumacher who helped usher along this project!

Above: See what 18 PSUGD Design Students do to the AB Lobby Gallery during the month of April!

Also, we are welcoming a new crew of 18 sophomores, juniors and senior PSUGD students as they embark on a month long adventure as part of POP-UP PROCESS. How will 18 PSUGD students activate this space? workshops? podcasts? band practice? lectures? sewing classes? collaborative quilt making? Come and find out! Pop-up Process is happening in the AB Gallery and we are sure it will be hopping during Open House!

Hope to see you on April 9th from 4 to 7!