Design Speaks: OMFGCO tonight at the Cleaners! Let's GO!

Posted on Sep 30th, 2010 by Command Save

Hey PSU-GD! You might remember OMFGCO from the Be Honest event. They were the three amazing dudes who devoted a TON of time talking with you all about your portfolios. One of the AMAZING DUDES one of our OWN! Fritz Mesenbrink graduated in 2005…read an interview that we conduced with him before he joined forces with Jeremy Pelly and Matthew Foster to create the supergroup of OMFGCO!

(thanks to portland aiga for the image above and the text below!)

What: Designspeaks with The Official Manufacturing Company (Brought to you by 52 Ltd. and AIGA Portland)
When: Thursday, September 30. 7:00-10:00 p.m.
Where: Cleaners at the Ace Hotel 403 SW 10th Avenue (and Stark Street) Portland, Oregon 97205
How much: Don't let the absurdly low price of admission hold you back. The beer and wine is free.

Why: Because, in pure and simple terms, you do not want to miss this one. You've come to know Designspeaks for its diversity of speakers, each sharing their own unique perspective. From Byron Ferris to Jelly Helm, Aaron Draplin to Frank Chimero, Modern Dog to Patrick Coyne, Designspeaks has set out to introduce and re-acquaint. To inform and engage. To gather and celebrate the most intriguing thinkers and makers within our region. And if anyone is makin' it real, it's the fine gentlemen of OMFGCO.

Join AIGA Portland and 52 Ltd. Thursday, Sept. 30th and take THE SEVEN STEPS TO MAKING IT "OFFICIAL"
(Or, any number of other things that might occur at Designspeaks)

A selection of light nibbles, beer, wine and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided. ID required for beer and wine. As if that isn't enough, we'll be giving you stuff. Want to know more? Come on out! Besides, unless you're generally foul-tempered or deathly afraid of handsome crowds, you will certainly not be disappointed.