Hey CORE! We are so excited to have you in our program as you start your second year at PSU! Please use this page a resource for you as you start to explore all of the things that you can dive into as you begin your second year with us!

Get Connected —> Sign up for our weekly newsletter! Want to know what’s going on for the week in PSUGD? This newsletter is the perfect place to dive in and see who is coming to talk for our weekly Show & Tell lecture series. We also post sign-ups for Field Trips, highlight design related community events, alert you all to important advising information and like to post lots of animated gifs.

Also, we keep a very active presence on instagram and this is the best place to see the most up to date student work, images from events and just general day in the life of a PSUGD student.

Another good place to find students asking questions about classes, jobs, general design inspiration and advising information is on our Friends of Graphic Design facebook group. Please join and jump in on the conversation!

Want to learn more about your faculty? Check out our people page!

Want to learn more about your second year classes? Check out our class page! The classes you will be required to take your second year in order to go through the second year portfolio review at the end of the year are 200, 210, 224 (only offered in fall and winter), 225 (only offered in winter and spring and can’t be taken at the same time as 224), 254 and 290. 200, 210, 254 and 290 are offered every term. Check out all of our courses over on our course page.

ARH 290 History of Modern Design (offered FWS)
ART 200 Digital Page Design 1 (offered FWS)
ART 210 Digital Imaging and Illustration (offered FWS)
Art 254 Typography One (offered FWS)
Art 224 Storytelling and Narrative (offered FW)
Art 225 Information Design and Branding (offered WS)

Our other required courses for the Sophomore Portfolio Review are ART 111 Design Thinking, ART 121 and ART 120.

If you haven’t taken ART 120 and 121 and are planning on going through the review in Spring of 2019 you MUST take these classes this summer. We are offering one section of 120 and 121! It’s essential that you sign up for these classes if you haven’t taken them yet.

Summer 121 Section
Summer 120 Section

If you are taking 120 or have already taken 120 and are planning on sticking around for summer, we are also offering a section of 210 taught by Walker Cahall and Kristine Evans. Summer 210 Section 

Want to start learning more about the Sophomore Review requirements? We have a whole page devoted to our annual June portfolio review.

Want to think beyond the second year of the program and start diving into internships and jobs and getting connected to the Portland Design Community?  We have a pretty active job board on our website that offers a ton of opportunities and I encourage you to check out the Design Week Portland Open House Map and start exploring the agencies, design spaces and design studios located in Portland. Make a list of the places that jump out to you and make an appointment with one of the graphic design advisors to talk about your interests. I GUARANTEE that we have alumni working in a few of the places on your list and we are always happy to connect to get the conversation going about internships. PSUGD is really involved with Design Week Portland so be sure to sign up to volunteer for this annual event. Here is a fun video that was just made about our involvement. 

Other Portland Design Community partners to check out: WeMake, IPRC, Magnetic NorthOutlet, Portland AIGA, and ADX to name just a few. 

Our final class in the Portland State Graphic Design Program is FRESH! Fresh is the three times a year senior portfolio review that pops up all over the city and engages hundreds of design creatives with our soon to be grads. Go through our archive of grads and start diving into the work that they are making when they graduate from PSUGD. We also have a once a year HUGE all program event called Be Honest that is held at Wieden+Kennedy. Take a look at our show site and check out the student work as well!

Most importantly, don’t be afraid to dive in! Come and talk with an advisor! Show up for a Thursday Show & Tell! Follow us online! Ask how you can get involved and we get you involved with our supportive crew of current students who are excited to meet you next year. PSUGD has incredible classes, but we also have an incredible community and we are here to help make this whole process friendly, accessible and fun!

Programming and Events

Show & Tell Show & Tell is a nearly weekly lecture series that invites working professionals to blow our minds with wisdom, both in person, and through the magic of the World Wide Web! Our lectures happen every Thursday in the Art Building (2000 SW 5th AVE) Room 320. The public is welcome and the lectures are free! (Every Thursday at Noon)
Fresh Fresh Is the senior portfolio night that happens every term and o ers students a chance to show their work, and perhaps get an internship or job.
Friendtorship Friendtorship brings together PSU Art and Design students and high school stu- dents from Centennial Park School to collaborate on creative projects, build strong relationships, and have fun
A+D Projects A+D Projects is the in-house design studio for the School of Art+Design at Port- land State University. With the faculty and organizations of the School as our clients, we emulate a design agency for students and the relationships between clients and designers. It’s a class that can be taken multiple times if you have passed the review. We also produce the quarterly zine Annex and host Good Market.
Similarly Different Similarly Different is a 3-week long, trip to London, England, with a focus on design. Time is spent doing workshops at London College of Communication, as well as visiting musuems, and a variety of design studios.
Be Honest Be Honest is the annual celebration and sharing of PSUGD student work hosted by FoGD. As students of PSU, we’re lucky to live and learn in a city that supports and encourages our craft. Be Honest is a night in which we invite the Portland design community to check out what we are thinking and making, and to thank them with food, drink and lively conversation.
Livd livD is a semi-annual publication produced in the Pacific Northwest, dedicated to the intersection of art, design, culture, and how these influence lived experi- ence. Edited by Meredith James, the publication includes contributions from professional artists, designers, and the wise. Liv’d is an elevated hybrid of thought, theory, and visual language, balancing the academic with the personal and experimental. Each issue is topical, focused on a theme relevant to today’s contemporary practice