Show & Tell: Jennifer Stady!

Posted on Feb 10th, 2020 by Kate Bingaman-Burt

Join us on February 13th at noon in room 320! Promo by Walton Brush
Jennifer Stady, a Portland native, was born into an artistic family of musicians, teachers, outdoorsmen and knitters who hailed from the UK and Ukraine. She followed her heart and artistic pursuits around the United States and Europe before settling in Portland and founding Laundry in 2000. She believes whole-heartedly in the powerful fusion of art, fashion, design, craft and conversation. Before starting Laundry, Jennifer went to Portland State University and received a degree in Graphic Design and French and later went to NYU, earning a Masters of Art in Painting. She is currently adjunct faculty in graphic design at PSU and frequent mentor at PNCA’s Applied Craft MFA program.

As always, our talks are free and open to all!

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Show & Tell: Gretchen Schauffler

Posted on Feb 3rd, 2020 by Kate Bingaman-Burt

Gretchen Schauffler PSUGD Alumni and founder of Design Is Personal

Join us this Thursday at noon in room 320 to welcome Gretchen to Show & Tell!

Design Is Personal began with a fusion of culture and change when Gretchen Schauffler moved to Portland, Oregon in 1980. Colored by personal experience and a vision for what was possible, Gretchen blended her own paint colors and ignited the minds and hearts of others seeking growth and inspired action. The rest as they say, is shestory.

Her entrepreneurial journey from the personal to the public began back in 2001.

Devine Color Color, Therapy From The Northwest, became an overnight success, internationally recognized, and revolutionized the way color is experienced by consumers today. Devine Color was bought by Valspar Paint in 2010.

Both brands are owned by Sherwin Williams today.

Unable to continue to grow her color experience and design expertise beyond the paint category with Devine Color, she launched Design is Personal or D.I.P. in April of 2018. With DIP, she continues to weave vision into possibilities by helping others live a beautiful custom life and make design, personal.


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Show & Tell: Jordan Sondler!

Posted on Jan 28th, 2020 by Kate Bingaman-Burt

Above: Let’s say HELLO to Jordan this Thursday at Noon in room 320! Promo by Walton Brush

Above: It’s her NEW BOOK Feel it OUT!

We are so excited to be hosting NYC based illustrator Jordan Sondler for Show & Tell this Thursday at noon in room 320! She is touring with her new book FEEL IT OUT and she will be stopping by PSUGD to tell us all about it! Don’t miss it!

above: It’s JORDAN!

Jordan Sondler is an illustrator living in New York City with her Pomeranian, Ramona Singer. She designs many things, including murals, television sets, 90s nostalgia diaries, and beyond. Jordan has a weakness for gummy candy, growing her plant family, and collecting soul records. 

Her clients include The New York Times, Google, Nickelodeon, Simon Malls, Pottery Barn,, Starbucks, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Resy, Urban Outfitters, Hallmark, Kotex, Maisonette, Papyrus, Food52, Adult Swim, Barkbox, Harper Collins, Random House, New York Magazine, Le Chocolat Des Francais, ABRAMS Books, Fishs Eddy, Fisher Price, Time Out New York, Artisan Books and more. 


Show & Tell: Collage Club!

Posted on Jan 13th, 2020 by Kate Bingaman-Burt

This Thursday come join us for our quarterly edition of the PSUGD Collage Club! Let’s gather together to make a page (or pages) for our quarterly collaborative zine that will be printed on the risograph. Bring your fave collage supplies or use the ones provided. See you there! There will be PIZZA!


Show and Tell WINTER 2020 Schedule!

Posted on Jan 6th, 2020 by Kate Bingaman-Burt

Our Winter Show & Tell Lineup! Be sure to swing by 320 to grab a schedule poster for the term! Promo by Walton Brush

January 9th: Fran Bittakis founder of JOOP JOOP
January 16th: Collage Club
January 23rd: Sophomore Portfolio Panel and Mentorship Kickoff
January 31st: Jordan Sondler (NYC Illustrator on her book tour)
February 6th: Gretchen Schauffler PSUGD Alumni and founder of Design Is Personal
February 13th: Jennifer Stady PSUGD Alumni and founder of Laundry Studio
February 20th: Kemeny Lecture TBA
February 27th: Paloma Medina founder of 11:11 Supply
Marrch 5th: Cameron Sandage PSUGD Alumni and Remote Year participant