Show & Tell: Fall 2020!

Posted on Sep 27th, 2020 by Kate Bingaman-Burt

Promos for Fall 2020 by Brandon Braun

Hello and Welcome Back! We are excited to announce the lineup for Show and Tell Fall 2020! So many amazingly talented people ready to share their coveted design secrets, stories, and experiences.

Show and Tell is PSU Graphic Design’s weekly lunchtime lecture series. Our lectures happen (nearly) every Thursday during the school year at noon Pacific here on! The public is welcome and the lectures are free!

All talks will be held via Zoom. Please note that space in our virtual Zoom lecture hall is limited, but a YouTube livestream may also be made available. Keep an eye on each speaker’s page, which will be linked here, for more information.

October 1st: GD WELCOME BACK! Our Faculty will each have 5 minutes to talk about their work and will answer any questions that you have for the term!
Also, Show & Tell looks different this year…it’s also a class for 60 brand new PSGUD Freshmen! Come and say HELLO!

October 7th: Alumni Talks with a variety of former PSUGD students all doing a variety of things!

October 15th: Tsilli Pines from Instrument

October 22nd: The Beauty Shop / Visible

October 29th: Marisol Ortega 

November 5th: Ali Godil/ House of Gul

November 12th: Dinesh Dave 


Show & Tell: POW!

Posted on May 4th, 2020 by Kate Bingaman-Burt

Pow is a digital consultancy that utilizes design and strategy to create impactful user experiences.
Jimmy Gnass is the founder of POW

Selina Cleary is a 2016 PSUGD Grad and currently a Designer at POW

Noon on May 7th, join us online here!
Everyone Welcome!

Show & Tell: Saint Friend

Posted on Apr 27th, 2020 by Kate Bingaman-Burt

Join us this Thursday at Noon as we welcome Co-Founder and Creative Director Kate VandenBerghe from Saint Friend! Saint Friend is a creative studio to help good-hearted companies build brands that are kind, catchy, and full of life. They hope that all of their work leaves people feeling more excited for today and more hopeful for the future.

Join us at noon right HERE —>

A little more about Kate: Leader of design, art direction, and keeping Dolly Parton, Selena, Josean Log, E40, and Mariah Carey in our regular Spotify rotation. Outside the studio, Kate tackles interior design and renovations, brews her own kombucha, and instantly, deeply loves every dog she meets. 

Promo by Cailin Carlile 


Show & Tell: Jessica Hische!

Posted on Apr 20th, 2020 by Kate Bingaman-Burt

Jessica Hische is a lettering artist and author with a tendency to overshare and a penchant for procrastiworking

Noon on April 23rd, join us online —>

Everyone Welcome!

Jessica Hische is a lettering artist, illustrator, author, and self-described “avid internetter” working in Oakland, California. After graduating with a degree in Graphic and Interactive Design from Tyler School of Art (Temple University) in 2006, she worked for Headcase Design in Philadelphia before taking a position as Senior Designer at Louise Fili Ltd. In 2009, after two and a half years, Jessica left to further her freelance career and embark on several fun personal projects. Jessica began Daily Drop Cap, a project in which every day she created a new illustrative letter, working through the alphabet a total of twelve times. The popularity of Daily Drop Cap really kickstarted her career as a letterer, and has inspired many other designers to start daily lettering projects. Daily Drop Cap concluded in 2011, but you can find the letters in all sorts of places, from postcard sets to iPhone cases.

Jessica has become as well known for her side projects as she has for her client work. While she doesn’t consider herself a web designer, many of her personal projects are web-centric. She’s created several educational micro-sites including Mom This is How Twitter WorksShould I Work for Free? and Don’t Fear the Internet (a collaborative project with Russ Maschmeyer).

She coined the term “procrastiworking” to describe her tendency to procrastinate on client work by working on personal projects.Jessica is actively involved in the design, illustration, and type communities (serving on the Type Directors Club board from 2012 to 2015) and is a prolific public speaker, appearing at colleges and conferences worldwide.

Jessica’s clients includes Wes Anderson, The United States Postal Service, Tiffany & Co., The New York Times, Penguin Books, Target, Starbucks, American Express, and Wired Magazine. She has also released several commercial typefaces which are available in her store. Jessica has been named a Print Magazine New Visual Artist (20 under 30), one of Forbes 30 under 30 in Art and Design, an ADC Young Gun, a “Person to Watch” by GD USA, and an Adweek “Creative 100”. She’s been personally profiled in many magazines including Eye Magazine (UK), Communication ArtsGrafik Magazine (UK), and Novum Magazine (Germany). She is the author of two best-selling children’s books and “In Progress”—in which she details her creative process.

Show & Tell Promo by Seth Dearmas


Show & Tell: Rachel Demotte Senior Art Director at Columbia and Founder of Suffragette Studio!

Posted on Apr 13th, 2020 by Kate Bingaman-Burt


Rachel Delmotte, Art Direction and Brand Design for Columbia. April 16, 2020 from noon–1pm.

Join us this Thursday at noon as we welcome Rachel Delmotte! Rachel is based in Portland, Oregon and  is a Senior Art Director and Brand Designer at Columbia. She is also the founder of Suffragette Studio. Focusing on print and digital graphic design, Rachel utilizes visual communication to help share the stories of heartfelt humans and authentic brands.

The talk starts at Thursday at noon on ZOOM!

Rachel answered some questions for us in preparation for her talk on Thursday! Thanks Rachel!

What is a surprising fact people would never guess about you?

A few years ago, I accidentally high-kicked a girl’s front tooth out. She’s fine now. We’re friends. 

Creamy or Crunchy Peanut Butter (favorite nut or nut free spread)?

I go Crunchy Peanut Butter all day on my sandos, but with no disrespect to creamy.

Talents & interests outside of art and design?

I have a million bajillion interests, very few of which have resulted in talents. I collect vinyl records and DJ with Freeform Portland Radio. I really enjoy hiking and backpacking. I have a social art project called Suffragette Studio. And my most current quarantine coping practice is learning how to play the drums. 

Favorite record at the moment? 

George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass is my religion on the turntable. 

What is the best way to start the day?

For me, it’s about drinking coffee while listening to KMHD radio, and reading a poem or two from Mary Oliver’s ‘Devotions’.

Thanks Rachel! Questions complied by Cailin Carlile and promo designed by Henry Apgar