Show & Tell: oof!

Posted on Apr 12th, 2017 by Kate Bingaman-Burt


We are pleased to welcome Savannah Julian and August Miller of oof. for our next Show & Tell!

oof. is a Portland-based creative studio that specializes in building interactive experiences in collaboration with a wide variety of businesses, organizations, and creative groups who share their commitment to knowledge and opportunity. By listening to ideas, asking questions, and identifying problems, oof. is able to create novel, technology-driven solutions for their partners.

A successful project is one that—regardless of complexity—remains simple and intuitive for their partners and users. To that end, oof.’s work is often a combination of strategy, design, and development.

Facebook RSVP:

>>> Thursday, noon, AB 320

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Show & Tell: Tina Snow Le

Posted on Apr 3rd, 2017 by Kate Bingaman-Burt


We are pleased to welcome Tina Snow Le for our next Show & Tell on Thursday, 4/6 at 12pm!

Talks are free and open to the public! 2000 SW 5th Ave, Room 320

Tina Snow Le is a Vietnamese American, first-generation college graduate who currently navigates several different creative spheres at once. She’s an Art Director and designer who makes digital experiences and products at Instrument, while at the same time developing projects that explore how design can impact society for the better. Her clients include Nike, Ideo, Photojojo, Wildfang, Dr. Pepper, Levi’s and more. Her most recent endeavors include designing wallpaper inspired by the powerful intuition of the Wild Woman, and launching a mentorship program called Back to Back that champions diversity in the Portland creative community.

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This Week! Show & Tell! Founders of Ladies’ Night!

Posted on Oct 23rd, 2016 by Kate Bingaman-Burt


We are pleased to welcome Mary Blalock, Ginger Craft and Jordan A. Smith from Ladies’ Night! Facebook RSVP

Ladies’ Night is a quarterly happy hour for the digitally-minded women, committed to conversation, collaboration, and community. Founded in October of 2014, by Mary Blalock, Ginger Craft, Stefanie Hatcher, Colleen Purdy, and Jordan A. Smith, Ladies’ Night has hosted eight sold-out events at agencies and start-ups across the Portland area. Today, the Ladies’ Night team consists of nine female volunteers designing, developing, and implementing creative content and events, managed by Mary, Ginger, and Jordan. Learn more about Ladies’ Night at

Mary Blalock manages business operations for Ladies’ Night and facilitates community engagement between events through online content and social channels. Mary owns Career Camp, a career coaching company that provides workshops and individual coaching for people who want to love their jobs. She also recruits for the creative industry through 52 Ltd.

Ginger Craft runs the external partnerships with companies, communities, and sponsors. She organizes the logistical coordination of each event. With a recruitment background, Ginger is a freelancer, pursuing her passion in people, project consultation, and event management.

Jordan A. Smith is the creative director who oversees the brand, website, and merchandise with the internal Ladies’ Night team and host designers across the community. Between 9 and 5, she’s the Design Lead at Upswell, an experience design studio creating interactive platforms and environments for brands across culture and commerce.

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This week! Show & Tell with Rob Lewis from Kamp Grizzly!

Posted on Oct 16th, 2016 by Kate Bingaman-Burt

We are welcoming Rob Lewis this week to Show & Tell! Rob is an Art Director at Kamp Grizzly. Facebook RSVP here!

Rob Lewis is an Art Director at Portland based creative agency and studio Kamp Grizzly. He hates meetings, likes buying records just to look at the covers and can always tell when someone has moved something on his desk. Always.

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Show & Tell: Margot Harrington

Posted on May 16th, 2016 by Kate Bingaman-Burt

 Harrington will be speaking with us from Chicago about best practices for freelancers!

She has taught classes on contracts and kicking your career into gear and now she is going to talk with you all about setting up a freelance practice.

Margot is a graphic designer of publications, branding, packaging, textiles, and websites. Typical clients are cultural organizations, non-profits, academic and civic institutions, small businesses, various sub-contractors and colleagues. Her background and education are in art & design history, printmaking, painting, and writing. She works primarily from Chicago’s Humboldt Park neighborhood, in a home office/studio, but can often be found co-working in various spots, around the city and elsewhere.

Skillshare classes:

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