Show & Tell: Dinesh Dave!

Posted on Nov 9th, 2020 by Kate Bingaman-Burt

Join us fro the LAST Show & Tell of the term!

Dinesh holds a Graphic Design BFA from SCAD (The Savannah College of Art and Design) Atlanta and graduated in 2012.

Dinesh is currently a Product Designer at Facebook in San Francisco, California.

But prior to joining Facebook, Dinesh was at Apple, launching the worlds best products on dot com and AKQA and Wieden + Kennedy in Portland, Oregon where he designed delightful ads in all kinds of different mediums such as print, web, film, motion and interactive experiences for an arrange of clients like Levis, Oreo, Coca-Cola and Nike.

Originally from London, England, he whisked off to USA, at the age of 18 to pursue the American dream.

Dinesh is happy to no longer worry about things like MySpace and crummy British weather (But dearly misses crumpets and M&S sandwiches). When he’s not playing with pixels, Dinesh likes to tinker with new technology, drones, making mini films, VR, and take an obscene number of photos and cross things off of his YOLO (You Only Live Once) list.

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Show & Tell: Ali Godil from House of Gül

Posted on Nov 2nd, 2020 by Kate Bingaman-Burt

Ali Godil is a Portland based creative director and artistic director who believes in the power of beauty to create emotionally impactful designs and content. Pushing culture forward in the process. Ali founded House of Gul, a creative studio specializing in (globally conscious) graphics, content, and online experiences.

He specializes in creating and leading teams on large scale branding, graphics, photography and video campaigns.

“Shokunin” is a Japanese word that translates as, “Mastery of one’s craft for the service of society.” This embodies Ali’s mindset and approach when it comes to all his creative efforts.

Utilizing his artistic direction for commercial work as well as artwork with his own poetry, films, and graphics.

Join us at noon on zoom!


Show & Tell: Marisol Ortega!

Posted on Oct 26th, 2020 by Kate Bingaman-Burt

Marisol Ortega is a first-generation Mexican-American designer, illustrator, and letterer living and working in Seattle, Washington. She is best known for her vibrant flora and fauna illustrations that play with texture, linework, bold color palettes, and organic shapes. She pulls inspiration from childhood memories of visiting her abuela’s home in Michoacán, Mexico, and the hikes she’s always grateful her well-meaning husband Rob makes her take. She’s also been known to “borrow” color palettes from the afternoon art dates with her seven-year-old daughter and art director, Ellie.

Client List Includes ACLU of WA, Flow Magazine, Publix, Starbucks, Panera, FabFitFun, Sun Basket, Lush, Microsoft, Amazon, Compendium, Papyrus, American Greetings, Figo Fabrics, Structures Brewing, Billson’s Brewery, Oiselle, Unicorn Theatre, Sir Kensington’s and Real Simple Magazine.

Join us on ZOOM at NOON, Thursday, October 29th! 



Show & Tell: Beauty Shop and Visible!

Posted on Oct 19th, 2020 by Kate Bingaman-Burt

Join us this Thursday at noon on zoom™ as we welcome The Beauty Shop and Visible to Show & Tell! The talk is open to all!

The Beauty Shop is a boutique creative agency based in Portland, Oregon. Our all-women team designs brand-led projects across a wide range of industries.

Visible is a 501 3(c) nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing equitable access to professional creative services, and to improving equity within the creative industry. We provide pro-bono logos and websites to BIPOC and underrepresented businesses and causes within the United States.

Join us as we welcome Creative Directors and Partners, Jen Thomas and Liz Neilson and Digital Director and PSUGD Alumni Julie Lesseg!

Find us on zoom at noon!

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Show & Tell: Alumni Lighting Talks!

Posted on Oct 5th, 2020 by Kate Bingaman-Burt

Above: Join us this Thursday for the first of many Alumni Talks!

Let’s welcome back TEN alumni this Thursday for Show & Tell! This will be the first of a quarterly traditions where we say HELLO to alumni and do a quick check in to see what they have been up to!

The talk starts at noon on zoom! Let’s welcome back Tricia Leach, AJ Minnis, Melodee Dudley, Chris Lopez, Ashley Vaughn, Alec Van Staveran, Dora Litterell, Caleb Misclevitz, Euri Oh, and Catie Cooper!

We have so many wonderful grads, doing a WIDE variety of creative work…this line up will demonstrate the variety of paths that you may take with this degree.

Are you alumni? Do you want to say hi during a Show & Tell talk? Want to connect with current students? Let us know and we will make it happen!

See you this Thursday at noon on zoom!

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