More 320 Links!

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Picture 29

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Okay 320 we are heading into the term long project and we wanted to do a link round up of some of the great sites that have been mentioned over the past week or so.
Future Farmers: Check the print work especially.
Good Magazine: Look at the Good Sheets AND the Videos
Density Design: Master Degree Course in Communication Design
PSU Flickr: Lots of great images uploaded by PSU Professor Elisabeth Charman!
IOUSA: Movie made with information graphics about the Federal Reserve

The Good Sheet aka Take A Look, ART 320

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Good Sheet #2…for a larger size go to the GOOD SHEET site. This sheet is designed by karlssonwilker

Those of you in my 320 class know that I am slightly obsessed with the GOOD SHEETS that come out every Thursday. They are published by GOOD Magazine and are extremely applicable to what we are learning in class. This week uses a timeline to convey US economic history from 1920 until now. Um…I seem to recall that the assignment that everyone is working on is the Timeline project. Please go check these GOOD sheets out! (and subscribe to GOOD while you are at it 🙂

PS: the above image is designed by karlssonwilker. The name might sound familiar because I brought their book into class last class period. It is still in my office if anyone else wants to look at it.

ART 320: Timeline Examples!

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Hey! Hey! check out the some of these great timeline examples. Also click click click on HistoryShots for more TL fun. Section three instructor Chris Michel sends along a link to a pretty swell British History Timeline linked up by the BBC. Also check out two images that he sent along after the jump as well!



ART 320: Next assignment // TIMELINE!

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Picture 4
Zanny Begg, A World of Proximities – Globalisation Timeline, Taipei Biennial, 11 metre wall drawing, 2008. Detail images…click here for full size!

Hey 320! Several posts are going to be made over the next few days dealing with your next project: THE TIMELINE. Watch the blog for examples of timelines in all styles dealing with all sorts of concepts and content. 

I am going to kick things off with a timeline that I found via vvork this morning. This is an example of a very illustrative, organic time line that was actually painted on a wall in a gallery by artist zanny begg.

Picture 6

Super Dorky, but oddly awesome and appropriate for ART 320?!?

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okay, okay…this will be the first and last time I upload a slightly annoying PBS kids song about charts, but watch it for a laugh AND you might find yourself accidentally learning something. The folks over a PBS did an excellent job. For real! 

 You will be expected to sing this song in class next week. A choreographed dance routine earns you extra bonus points.

I kid! I kid!

blame/thank this link on Frank.