Been There Done That: Micheal Eaton and the Sophomore Portfolio Review

Posted on Feb 24th, 2010 by Command Save


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Welcome to the fourth installment of Command Save
interviewing 2009 Spring Portfolio Review participants. This
information is meant to help the 2010 Sophomore Portfolio Review
Participants! Read on!

We asked PSU student Michael Eaton a few questions about his experiences with last year's portfolio review and he offered up some advice for those about to embark upon this year's 2010 review.

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The review is a hard experience and the most important piece of advice that really matters is allowing the appropriate amount of TIME so that you can accomplish what it is you'd like to do {you will hear this over and over but it's true so take heed}.

Remember you will need to go beyond just thinking about the review and your portfolio. Begin improving work NOW do not wait until next term. If you can, have two or three solid portfolio projects ready before spring term.

Realize that just passing your classes is not enough to pass the review. Even an "A" student needs to, and can, improve their work.

Make design that showcases your passion, desire and skills. Our faculty is looking for that sort of "drive" to become a designer and I believe they can genuinely spot the necessary qualities, as well as the opposite.
Talk with instructors, show them your stuff {do his as many times as possible, keep bringing in revised work for feedback, keep asking questions, really consider their recommendations}. Know your "strong" projects as well as your "weaker" work. Make lists for everything, I filled out a whole FIELD NOTES and half of a sketchbook with lists, sketches, and ideas. Begin working on the things you listed ASAP, cross them out when done, repeat until finished.

Just remember to think everything through and know the deadline. As a designer, DESIGN your portfolio labels, box, book, boards…everything. Just be sure not to Over Design, make your portfolio and work stand out.